The IBioIC CTP is underpinned by an exemplary array of training and educational resources to support, develop and enhance the student experience. The current IBioIC PhD programme includes many of the elements of a mutually-beneficial industry-academic partnership including cohort induction events, bespoke IBioIC industry-focused practical and theoretical training, industrial facilities visits and participation in the IBioICs Annual Symposium and Annual Conference. 

In order to provide a full breadth of training, IBioIC will monitor and facilitate training in four key skills areas.


A significant strength of our partnership is that it brings together biologists, engineers, mathematicians, chemists, computing scientists and bioinformaticians who will contribute to research training. On commencing a PhD within the CTP, students are assigned a specific collaborative industry-academic research project that forms the bedrock of their training in research and provides an appreciation of the wider challenges being addressed by Industrial Biotechnology and bioscience as a whole.

Core bioscience

The hands-on training of the industrial placement will be supplemented by structured learning. This will include a number of compulsory modules in addition to optional training directly related to the students PhD project. 


Alongside rigorous training in research and bioscience skills, the IBioIC CTP provides extensive training in transferrable skills to ensure that every student maximises their employability by the time they have completed their PhD.


Students will be actively involved in working with their supervisor and IBioIC to develop their Personal Development Plan and monitor their personal development. Students are also encouraged to complete any certified researcher training available to them at their host university.